How To Buy Organic Meat For Your Family

Organic meat typically refers to meat that has been produced with no chemical assistance, either in the form of growth hormones or genetically altered feed. In many cases, it refers to meat that has been kept in humane conditions. When you want to buy organic meat for your family, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

First, your best bet for getting organic meat is going to be heading to the farmer’s market. A farmer’s market allows you to stop and talk to the farmer who produced the meat. You can ask lots of questions about where the meat was farmed, and how the animals were treated.

If you like to have a regular supply of meat on hand, consider joining a farmshare, where you get a certain amount of meat at butchering time or throughout the year. Though you do not always control what cut you get, you will know that the meat is organic. While this requires a buy-in at the beginning of the year, it is often worth it in terms of pounds of meat you get per dollar.

When you want to feed your family well, organic meat is one great way to do it!

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