Which Produce Should You Buy Organic?

When you are looking to buy organic but you don’t feel like breaking the bank, you need to start prioritizing. Some foods are low in pesticide residue whether you buy them organic or not. Other foods should definitely be bought organic just because of the number of pesticides that are found on them.

Apples are close to the top of the list when you are looking at fruit that has been found to contain pesticide residues. Buy your apples organic or at least peel them if you don’t. However, remember that peeling gets rid of a lot of the natural good in apples.

Celery is another food that you are better off buying organic. Studies have found more than 60 different pesticide residues stuck to celery.

When you want to enjoy your grapes with a great deal of peace of mind, consider purchasing your grapes from an organic farmer. Imported grapes especially have a high rate of pesticide retention.

Why not head out to a farm that allows you to let you pick your own? Organic strawberries are a safer bet for you in the long run.

While you don’t need to buy all of your produce organic, there are fruits and vegetables that are far better if you purchase them from an organic farmer!The information party rocks on: No More Excuses! Eat Organic On The Cheap

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